This could be an innovative addition in estate agent crm.

Usually, when a prospective buyer is looking to acquire a new home, a viewing is the traditional way of showcasing a property. As this doesn’t really take long, a cursory inspection is all that the buyer could get. And often, if a buyer is interested, the pressure is on to make an offer before somebody else does and grabs the property.

But, what if, you, as the buyer, were given the chance to experience how it actually feels to live in the house of your interest for a night, a week maybe or for as long as a month before you commit yourself to buy?

Potential Pads, an online agency is offering just that.

How does it work?

As a buyer, you would have to register and create an account with Potential Pads using your email or Facebook. Once registered, you can look through the property listings and pick out the property you like, choose the date(s) you’re staying, specify how long you wish to stay, book and pay online.

Potential Pads keeps 15% of the fees paid. Cancellation fees apply and buyers are expected to leave the property in the same condition as it was found. In some cases, sellers would ask for a deposit.

Should the experience move you enough for you to decide to purchase the property, part of your trial fee will be reimbursed to you. Although verification is optional, all users are recommended to verify their accounts for security purposes.

As a seller, register and create an account with Potential Pads with your email or Facebook. You can then upload your property on the platform for free. You are in control of your listing, make sure that all the information you provided about your property is true and accurate. Set your trial price at a rate that reflects the value of your property. Set the availability for the trial period and the extent of the area covered by the trial, is it for the whole property or just some designated areas?

You are also encouraged to request for an upgrade from your insurance provider to include your short term leases or B&B.

You, as the seller, have the choice to use the incentive button where you can set the amount that you want to reimburse to the buyer once they commit. Using the incentive button encourages the buyer to try your home with the understanding that if they agree to buy your property, they can get some money back and that the trial fee is an investment. As again, there is the verification option where all users are recommended to verify their accounts for security purposes.

Potential Pads highly recommends that all exchanges between the buyer and the seller should go through the estate agent software to keep a virtual proof in case anything should go wrong.


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