Prompting for real changes, the Labour Party’s manifesto outlines its policies and goals if voted this December 12th elections. Part of those changes include the private rented sector where the party promises to “take urgent action to protect private renters through”:

* The introduction of rent controls where Labour promises to put a stop to the uncontrolled rent rate increase “by capping them with inflation” and granting cities additional powers to introduce additional rent regulations.
* The introduction of the open-ended tenancies where landlords are no longer allowed to evict tenants at short notice and without a compelling cause. The landlord, however, can take the matter to court and provide his or her legal arguments to necessitate the eviction of a tenant.
* The introduction of new minimum standards. Labour promises to make sure that every property is up to par with the new minimum standards.
* The introduction of a nationwide licensing program for landlords.
* The introduction of “tougher sanctions” for property owners who fail to meet safety housing standards.
* The provision of funds for new tenants’ unions nationwide, allowing them “to organize and defend their rights”.
*The cessation of “the discriminatory rules that require landlords to check people’s immigration status”.
* The prevention of the exclusion of tenants who are on housing benefits.
* Granting the local government new powers to control and create new regulations for short-term leases like Airbnb.

Remembering the Grenfell Tower Fire and to avoid a repeat of the tragedy, Labour proposes to:

* Introduce a £1 billion Fire Safety Fund to fit sprinklers and other fire safety measures in all high- rise council and housing association tower blocks.
* Enforce the replacement of dangerous Grenfell-style cladding on all high-rise homes and buildings.
* Introduce mandatory building standards and guidance, inspected and enforced by fully trained Fire and Rescue Service fire safety officers.

In response to the housing crisis, Labour vows to:

* Lower the cost of housing and raise its standards giving everyone the chance to own a decent and affordable home.
* Create a new Department for Housing, make Homes England a more accountable national housing agency and give the control to the local government.
* Establish a new English Sovereign Land Trust and have the ability to purchase land in a much lower price for cheaper social housing.
* Address the climate crisis and reduce energy bills with a new zero-carbon home standard for new homes, and upgrade existing homes to make them more energy efficient.

On council and social homes:

* The Labour Party pledges to construct 150,000 council and social homes yearly, 100,000 of these will be built for social rent by the councils by the end of the next parliament.
* End the conversion of office blocks to homes that sidestep planning permission through ‘permitted development’.
* End the right to buy council homes.
* Give the council the power and funding to buy back homes from private landlords.

On home ownership, the Labour Party will:

* Construct more affordable homes reserved for first-time buyers nationwide.
* Reform Help to Buy to focus it on first-time buyers on ordinary incomes.
* Tax foreign companies buying housing and prioritizing locals.
* Give council the power to tax properties that have been empty for over a year.
* End the sale of new leasehold properties, abolish unfair fees and conditions, and give leaseholders the right to buy their freehold at a price they can afford.
* Introduce equal rights for freeholders on privately owned estates.

Labour plans to address homelessness by:

* Providing more affordable homes and stronger rights for tenants.
* End rough sleeping in five years time with a national plan driven by a prime minister-led taskforce.
* Expand and upgrade hostels where people can better themselves.
* Make 8,000 additional homes available for people who’ve experienced rough sleeping.
* Increase Local Housing Allowance.
* Set aside an additional £1 billion a year for councils’ homelessness services.
Introduce a new national tax on second homes which are used as holiday homes.
* Repeal the Vagrancy Act.


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