Software For Estate Agents

Whether you are looking for an estate agency CRM, property management, floor plan designer or letting software the same rules apply, look for:

Software as a Service (SaaS).
Competitive pricing.
A fully hosted solution.

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications or services over the Internet. Instead of installing and maintaining software yourself, you access it via the Internet.

SaaS applications or software are sometimes called Web-based software, hosted software or on demand software. The Sass model applies to software for estate agents as well as any other industry.

If you are on the road or often need to travel, make sure the software or service is fully responsive and is supported on your tablet and mobile device.

Be aware of these common pitfalls when looking for estate agency software:

Long term minimum length contracts.
Hefty setup fees.
Hidden costs.
Who owns YOUR data.

If you are using existing services such as AML or KYC checks, make sure the software is fully integrated with these services.

Hidden Costs
Hidden costs or paid for extras may seem small at the time but as your estate agency business grows these costs may increase. Hidden costs can vary but look out for:

Custom domains.
SMS or text messaging.
Custom print materials.

If you are looking into software for estate agents it might be worth contacting an industry expert or consultant. The initial cost might save you thousands in the future.

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