Instant Property Purchase: “Secure Now”

Goodbye to tradition
Trading real estate is no longer as tiresome as it was in the old days. Property auction website, Under The, a network working with top estate agencies across UK has launched “Secure Now,” in response to the growing demand to make property negotiations quicker, safer, and more explicit. These day, people are more inclined to choose platforms that can provide quick estimates, real-time analytics, and virtual tours over traditional property brokers.

How it works
A component of the platform’s expansion scheme, the latest “instant property purchase feature,” allows for a real estate broker and/or a private vendor to have the property listed on the website at a fixed price; a buyer can then go online and buy the property right away at any given time. That done, the buyer will then be obligated to pay an “exclusivity deposit” to ensure that the property will not be offered to anyone else. A fixed period of 28 days to exchange and 28 days to complete is alloted the buyer. With this new feature, member agents of Under The network can showcase auction lots and “Secure Now” properties online under their own brand.

Take our word for it
Auction specialist at Under The, Thomas Gilday explains that “ the development of an instant purchase function is a 'natural evolution' from everything the company has learnt so far.” Accordingly, the real estate platform, working with numerous real property brokers, vendors, and buyers in the past year have learned “from comments, reviews, and suggestions,” how to make its services better and how to propel “the property revolution.” Gilday continues that with the new feature, “Secure Now,” the platform is “able to offer immediate security of the transaction for our sellers, whilst also allowing for buyers to make an instant decision to purchase a property at any time, day or night" and “help us improve the property buying and selling process.”

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