The inadequate supply of single storey houses or bungalows is making it difficult for millions of British retirees to downsize from family homes.

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics, there are currently more than 12 million over 65 people who are living in the country, and those numbers are forecasted to grow 8.2 million more by 2068, roughly London’s population now - the clamor for single storey dwellings is at its peak. However, figures from the industry show that there were only 2,418 bungalows built in 2018, and in the entirety of the country, there are only about 2 million of these dwellings.

According to housebuilders McCarthy and Stone, the current planning rules are limiting the construction of single storey dwellings because the priority is on “high-density, high-rise developments”.As such, they have asked the Government to “consider introducing allocations of age-restricted, bungalow-only sites in local plans”.

Results from a recent survey conducted by the housebuilders and YouGov shows that 60% of those who are 65 and more, which is equivalent to 7 million, would consider a transfer to a single storey abode.

Out of 3,000, two-thirds of the over 65 survey respondents wanted more single storey houses to be constructed with them in mind, and seven out of ten said that such structures would make it better for those people who are having problems moving around, which would certainly make them happier.

McCarthy and Stone has called on the ministers “to consider making it obligatory to provide age-restricted bungalows as part of the housing mix in larger-scale developments” in response to the need for manageable housing. Also, with seniors downsizing and moving into more manageable bungalows, the vacated homes will be made available to young families. And with the UK’s housing problem, building more bungalows to accommodate the older members of the British society is a shot at solving the problem.

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